Song of Night


This J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired evening song depicts the fall of evening as a gentle blessing of rest and healing. The melody lilts gracefully in a timeless “Elvish” fashion, supported with crystalline harmonies and arching countermelodies.

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



My friend Hatty Fraser and I both responded to the pandemic by sharing “peace of mind” — she by singing to her children, and I with my Facebook community through nightly piano “vespers.” One night I played the Welsh lullaby All Through the Night, and Hatty reached out to ask if I could set it for voices so that she could record it to share with her family in England. A project was born, resulting in twelve a cappella arrangements which Hatty recorded. After casting about for a suitable name, we simultaneously realized, on the same day — without mentioning it to the other — that perhaps it should be simply named PEACE.

Original lyrics (and melody too):
When Day has passed into the west, and his fires dwindle,
Then all things sink into rest, and the stars a-kindle.
Night comes! Her shadows all enfolding,
Night comes! Her bright eyes all beholding,
Evening robed in her dark gown,
Stars above, her wondrous crown!

As she passes through the land,
All eyes close in slumber,
Souls drift softly into dreams,
Filled with signs and wonder.
Night sings! Her sleep brings peace and healing,
Night sings! Her mysteries revealing,
Gentle winds play on her lyre,
Stars above: a heavenly choir.

When Day has risen in the east, and his fires have woken,
Then must Night her vigil cease, and her spell be broken.
Night goes! But blesses as she passes,
Night goes! Her gift upon the grasses,
Casting from her starry crown
Pearls of dew upon the ground.

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SSA a cappella (Peace Collection)

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