Plath Songs: Morning Song


The first movement of Plath Songs, “Morning Song” is a setting of Plath’s poem for the birth of her daughter.  Plath’s wide-ranging images  and moods — detachment, delicacy, tenderness  — elicit evocative musical depictions at every turn.

This score includes Tubular Bells, but can be performed with piano only. To get this part, contact

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



Tubular bells launch the piece, chiming the hour, on the phrase “Love set you going like a fat, gold, watch.” At the end of the second stanza, which likens the baby to a new statue in a museum, the choir arrives at four octaves of stacked fifths to end the phrase “We stand round blankly as walls.”  Soaring canons and rising runs in the piano bring the piece to a luminous, floating close: “And now you try your handful of notes; the clear vowels rise like balloons.”

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SATB piano (choral score)

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