Scarborough Fair


A soloist and three-part choir form a “call and response” texture in this haunting setting of the timeless and beloved folksong “Scarborough Fair.” Appropriate for most children’s and women’s choirs.

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



My friend Harriet Fraser and I both responded to the stress of the pandemic by sharing “peace of mind” — she by singing to her children, and I with my Facebook community through nightly piano “vespers.” One night I played the Welsh lullaby All Through the Night, and Hatty reached out to ask if I could set it for voices so that she could record it to share with her family in England. A project was born, resulting in twelve a cappella arrangements which Hatty recorded. After casting about for a suitable name, we simultaneously realized, on the same day — without mentioning it to the other — that perhaps it should be simply named PEACE.

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SSA a cappella (Peace Collection)

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