Morning Has Broken

A morning song for people who aren’t “morning people”!  The text is the traditional poem by Eleanor Farjeon, but the melody is original, and the piece unfolds slowly, like a slowly dawning day — a faint light at first, which gradually grows in strength, until the sun itself suddenly appears, glorious above the eastern horizon.

The first verse is sung by unison women (or a soloist), then followed by a reverent and quiet four-part second verse.  But an interlude builds in volume and suspense, and a glorious soprano descant opens the third verse, as the choir’s voices rise in praise of the morning, and of the morning’s Maker.

This score is published by Santa Barbara Publishing. Press “Order Score” or click here to view and listen.

Available as: SATB piano



One morning during grad school, I woke up and felt like greeting the day with a song.  But I’m not a morning person, really, and the sprightly “Morning Has Broken” tune felt over the top to me.  I was not ready to dance a jig like a leprechaun.  So, I decided right then to come up with an alternate melody, slowly unfolding — the way mornings should be!  Gradually, barely perceptibly arising!  What resulted, eventually, was this anthem, which unfolds with the slow sureness of a sunrise, culminating in glorious light.

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