Then let these instruments


A heartfelt offertory anthem (or anthem of consecration), about offering one’s whole self, and being worthy to do so.

“Then let these instruments
of Thy good making
offer all themselves to Thee.”

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



In the mid-1990’s the progressive wing of the Church of the Brethren began to hold its own conferences prior to the general Annual Conferences of the church.  It was a time of great contention around issues of human sexuality, especially as pertained to LGBT persons’ leadership in the church.  (Of course, for most denominations, this era of contention endures to the present day.)  Anyway, the first such Church of the Brethren conference was called “Dancing at the Wall” in Raleigh, North Carolina, and  I was asked to contribute a song.  I distinctly remember the moment of inspiration, just a week before the conference, which happened at the First Mennonite Church in Iowa City.  It was almost like a bird delivering air mail, swooping through and dropping off its cargo of text/melody as I sat there at the piano — the only time I recall that inspiration felt like that.  And who knows why the words came in King James-esque language, but they did:

Didst thou not give us eyes to see?
Didst thou not give us hands to offer mercy?
And mouths to speak the truth we know to be?
And hearts to love thine own as we love thee?

Then let these instruments
of thy good making
offer all their gifts to thee.

Didst thou not give us light to shine?
Didst thou not breathe in us thy breath divine?
Didst thou not make our hearts; their love is thine.
Didst thou not bid us at thy table dine?

Then let these instruments
of thy good making
offer all their gifts to thee.

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