Oh, Let Me Shine


A simple folksong arranged to be sung call-and-response with a leader and choir, or antiphonally between equal choirs.  The a cappella setting includes suggestions for clapping and stepping to take on the dance character of a “ring shout,” raising energy through repetition and variation.  Also effective as a way to include the audience, since the song can be immediately learned through imitation.

Notated in two parts, this piece may be sung by SA choir, TB choir, or SATB choir.

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



I wrote this arrangement while attending a week-long composer’s workshop with Alice Parker one October.  I selected “O Let Me Shine” along with “Weevily Wheat” to arrange according to Alice’s strict instructions.  We were to only write for two voices, and we were to rely wholly on the melody itself to provide the “DNA” for the arrangement — hence, my very strict use of imitation to generate the structure of this simple but effective piece.

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SA a cappella, SATB a cappella, TTBB a cappella

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