A delicate a cappella setting of a timeless-sounding original jazz song that, like the hummingbird, seems to hover and induce a sense of wonder.

This song also works well with jazz combo.

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.



One morning I was sitting at my front window with my little dog, Meeko, lending her some warmth, when suddenly a hummingbird appeared, not half a foot beyond the glass.  It hovered there for half a minute at least, just looking at us.  I apologized to Meeko that her heater would have to go away, because inspiration had arrived just as unexpectedly as the hummingbird.  I went to the piano, and in fifteen minutes had a song.

Hummingbird, ruby throat
There you hover in your emerald coat
Dropping in on every flower in town;
Nothing ever seems to get you down

    How long, how long till we
    Learn of your simplicity?

Hummingbird, nectar sweet
Is the only food you ever eat
While we feed ourselves on bitter fruits
And gnaw on old and unforgiving roots

    How long, how long till we
    Learn of you how to be free?

Hummingbird, fly away
Please come back another day
I’ll be waiting here until you do;
I”ll tend the garden that will welcome you

    How long, how long, little friend
    Till you come to me again?

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SATB a cappella (B Flat), SATB a cappella (C)

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