Easy on the Earth (Sons & Daughters)


An appeal to go “easy on the earth” is the core message of this singable eco-themed song.  The tune is as catchy as could be, with upper three-part harmonies enlivened by an off-set bass ostinato. The arrangement includes an optional call-response section to use with your audience.

A licensed copy is required for each member performing.


A song circle convened by Moira Smiley was the festive occasion to meet visiting Vancouver songwriter and eco-activist, Luke Wallace. Luke’s body of inspired, well-crafted songs is truly impressive, and I felt immediately (as the “room” learned it in 30 seconds flat) that his “Sons & Daughters” AKA “Easy on the Earth” was a winner.
Luke and I co-arranged his song for SATB choir, incorporating the tried-and-true audience call-and-response from his live shows as well as a lively bass ostinato brainchild of mine. Alex Blake programmed the premiere of “Easy on the Earth” at Tonality’s spring 2023 environmental-themed concert in Los Angeles.

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SATB a cappella

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